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Workers Comp.

If you are a business owner in Florida without workers’ comp, you are gambling with your business.

Without workers’ comp, an employee injured on the job has the right to sue the employer for actual damages. With workers comp, however, the employee’s medical expenses are covered by the workers’ comp insurance company, and the employer is immune from suit by the employee.

Injured Worker 2If Florida’s Division of Workers Compensation discovers that your business is required to carry workers’ comp, but you don’t have it, the state can shut you down and fine you.

You are required to carry workers comp if you have the following number of employees:

Construction Industry: 1+ employees

Non-Construction: 4+ employees

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  • Too many workers-comp claims?
  • Are your premiums too high?

Employee leasing may be the answer you’re looking for.

We work with several professional employer organizations (PEO’s, or employee-leasing companies) to help our clients with their payroll, workers compensation and human resources needs. Clients are able to customize a package to fit their specific needs. This is an excellent way to lower your workers comp costs.

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